I’ve been out of touch for quite some time, and I apologize.   I’ve been working so much lately that I’ve been neglecting my creative side.  I have a new mid-year goal.  To write more.

The impetus for renewing my blogging efforts is my recent trip to Moscow.  No, not Indiana.   Would you believe I actually had to explain to a hotel 800-number operator that they have a Moscow in Russia too?  Honest.  Vlad overheard me on the phone and had to sit down, he was laughing so hard.

I was honored to attend the World Media Summit, hosted this year by Russia’s national news agency, ITAR-TASS.  It’s a biennial event, invitation only, to journalists from around the world.   I met some very interesting people, participated in fascinating discussions, and saw a lot of the incredible sights in Moscow.  It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and I had an absolutely marvelous time.

So watch this space for posts on my trip.  Ciao for now!

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