The Travel Gods weren’t as kind to Vlad as they usually are.  A long and bumpy flight to Frankfurt left him sleepless, and a bit concerned about catching his flight to Milan. After a considerable time in customs the passport control guy announces right before Vlad gets to the top of the queue that it’s his break and everyone must find another line. Vlad was convinced he wasn’t going to make it to Italy this week – or ever.

Fortunately, the flight from Frankfurt to Milan was late, so he made it with a few minutes to spare.  A pretty nice flight showed that the Travel Gods were done with him for the day.  The bus ride to the train station and the train ride to Florence were equally uneventful.  When Vlad arrived in Florence in the  late afternoon, he went straight to the Hotel Santa Maria Novella, thanks to a cabbie who knew what he was doing.  Things were looking up for him.

It turns out they were just saving it up.  When Vlad went to check in at the hotel, the guy behind the desk couldn’t find the reservation.  That’s not really something a jet-lagged guy wanted to hear.  Especially after 24 hours of pretty nonstop travel.  Vlad’s usually even temper was about to fray, and he told me that he was thinking some very unkind thoughts at that moment.  He never thought about turning on his mobile phone and calling me.  That’s what mobiles are for, sweetie…

Fortunately, the manager came up, and got the idea to ask Vlad what my maiden name was.  Good thing – the lady at the desk when I arrived the previous day obviously felt Pizarev was too much for her, and decided to pick Gorry from my passport as much easier to input into the system.   Thank heavens for that manager. Otherwise, Vlad would still be wandering around Florence.  It always reminds me of that joke about how many Engineers it would take to change a light bulb.  I need to revise that to ‘find a hotel reservation’.

All’s well that ends well. Vlad made it to Florence, and in a few days he was de-stressed enough to remember my name as well as his.  After 25 years of marriage, you just go with it.