There’s nothing worse than traveling 15 hours on an airplane, enduring nasty jet lag, and landing in a country where you don’t speak the language – or at least that was my excuse. When my husband Vlad mentioned he had to go to Italy in a few weeks on business, it was clear he would be more comfortable if he had moral support and a travel companion.

We decided we were going alone – just the two of us. We hadn’t done that in 14 years.  We planned on soaking up the sights, culture, sun and wine in equal proportions, and not necessarily in that order. Oh yes, we were both going to have to do some work, but that’s the price we had to pay.

We decided  to visit Florence first for a few days, then head off to Siena. Next stop was Cinque Terre for 5 lazy days. Vlad then got to go to scenic Monza for three days of Fun With Cisco – but he went there solo. There’s nothing to see in Monza except a bunch of overworked engineers, and since I see that all the time at home, I decided to take a bolt to Rome for 2 days of my fave sights. I’ll figured I’d meet Vlad in Milan for the last day.  Sounds like fun, right?  It was.

I now got to spend time channeling my inner-secretary and make all the arrangements, trying to make them as mischief-proof as possible.  I knew the Travel Gods would try to muck them up somehow, but I was damn well not going to make it easy for them.

Game On!