After 5 years, 2 hard disks, 3 keyboards, 5 motherboards and 2 screens, my beloved laptop recently gave me the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.  Poor Old Bess.   She was my constant companion through 23 countries (21 of which were intentional, but that’s another story), countless hours of airport layovers, survived air turbulence that would have destroyed a lesser machine, and gave faultless performance in many speeches and presentations all over the world.    Old Bess found me hotels, alternate flights, and otherwise saved my butt when the Travel Gods decided to play their little games.

I felt bereft when Bess finally decided it was Her Time.  I found myself going through the classic stages of grief – anger (damn it!), denial (perhaps it’s only a virus), sadness (waaa!) and finally acceptance (OK – so when are you sending me a new one?).   Rest in peace, Bess.

It’s not just that I can’t indulge in writing, one of my passions, but it sure made my work life terribly difficult.   Working only from a blackberry isn’t an optimal experience.    I found that missing our company’s internal instant messaging was crippling.   I’m sure my co-workers were happy I wasn’t virtually stalking them for the information they owed me.   However, it was a short-lived relief – many of my co-workers are also friends on Facebook, and I discovered how easy it is to virtually stalk via the chat feature from my home computer.   I think I was single-handedly responsible for an increase in productivity at the office, and a lightening of the load on Facebook’s servers.

It was with great happiness that I accepted the FedEx delivery today of Bessie 2.0.   This is my first blog post on my new darling, and we’re starting to get acquainted.   I’m getting used to the new keyboard layout, and am totally stoked about the lightning fast speed from the i5 processor.  I’m not dissing Old Bess, but 9 minutes to boot up in the morning was just a little bit slow.   Bessie 2.0 is able to get out of bed and up and around in about 1.5 minutes.  That’s better than me on most days.

I have a lot more stories to write, and I’m thrilled to introduce to my readers Bessie, my new assistant.   She’s quiet and unassuming, but I can see that she has a lot of the same spirit that infused Old Bess.   I think we’re going to get on very well together.