Allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Colleen Pizarev, and I’m one of the favorite toys of the Travel Gods, or so it seems to me.  Anyone who has ever traveled knows the awesome power and might of these fickle deities.  They’re the ones who arrange the long security lines, snarky airline and hotel personnel, turbulence and the stuff that always goes missing from your suitcase.  Everyone has encountered them at some point, with varying degrees of success.

Some people are beloved of the Gods, with easy sailing through lines and never end up wondering if they’re going to make it home.  Others seem to be on some celestial blacklist and always  end up parted from their luggage, vowing never to get on a plane again.  Then there are those of us in between, vacillating between both extremes like a tennis ball at Wimbledon.

I’m one of those in-betweeners.  Sometimes they’re good to me, and at other times I can just hear them rolling around in Valhalla laughing their way to hiccups as they watch me try to struggle through the Latest Challenge.   Add some friends or family to the trip and their enjoyment seems to increase exponentially.

Traveling is a passion of mine, started in my early years.  My parents were fond of going to exotic places, and I learned geography by putting pins in a large map of all the places they visited.  Yes, I was left behind with my then-annoying younger brother at our favorite aunt’s house, studying hard at school so I could get a job that would allow me to travel someday.  I also vowed that my children would travel with me whenever possible.  I had no idea at that time just what that would end up to be.  Let’s just say I now fully understand why Bro and I spent so much time with Aunt and Uncle.

I’ll be recounting some of the more amusing incidents that have happened over the years to me and mine in this blog.  Everything you’ll see is true, but I do change names to protect both the identities of those involved and my legal butt.  I hope you have fun reading this, and enjoy a few good laughs at my expense.

Next time you travel somewhere listen closely, and you’ll hear the Travel Gods laughing.  If you’re lucky, they’re laughing with you, not at you.

2 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. Kevin Brett Says:

    Dear Travel Goddess: Based upon your frequent Facebook musings, I detected that you are a fellow writer. Welcome to the blogesphere. If you can do this without stepping on any professional toes, you may also want to add your insights into communication issues, particular those involving alien cultures, such as those found in Corvallis, Oregon. Knock em dead!

  2. cpizarev Says:

    Thank you, Kevin, for the kind words! I’ll have to see where I can work some of that stuff that in. Hmm – Corvalis, eh? That’s a tough one, since it involves major religious differences from your culture in Eugene. Just make sure you have your shots up to date before traveling to Beaverdom, and your visa is current. Next time go someplace easy, like Jakarta.

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