Honey, I’m flying to (insert destination here).

Sound familiar?  Business travel, once a perk, is now the most dreaded part of the job.

For those of us juggling careers, kids, pets, soccer/baseball/dance/cheer/whateveryourkidisinto having your spouse announce he or she is taking themselves out of the carpool is enough to cause the OMG reaction we use the most – blank stare, ‘you’re %$^&*@$ kidding me”, “where’s the wine?”, or my personal favorite, “I hope you’re coming back with diamonds”.

In the Happy Days of the 20th century, the devoted wife and homemaker would wash and iron the shirts, brush the suits, shine the shoes, pack and the suitcase with loving hands.  She would make sure her husband had his tickets, maps, a packed lunch, and drop him off at the airport, blowing kisses as he walks into the terminal before driving back home for a day of housecleaning, soap operas, bridge and shopping.

Yeah, right.

Enter the 21st century.  Hubby is lucky if his shirts and suits are back from the cleaners, and his dress loafers are back from the cobbler’s for their shine and sole replacement.  While his devoted wife is at work, he packs the bag himself, thereby forgetting the toothpaste, packing black socks for his navy suit, and including only 3 shirts for a 4 day trip.  He neglects to arrange for a taxi to the airport and ends up driving himself while his wife is on an early morning conference call, and leaves his house keys on the kitchen counter, thereby ensuring he can’t get back into the house when he returns.  His wife may not even know he left until the call is over, the sun is up and so are the kids.

Don’t even get me started on what happens when the wife does the travel and leaves hubby home with the kids!

I’m starting up a new section of this blog that will be devoted to business travel.  The fun, the funny and the truly embarrassing.   Please post your comments here to start discussions.  Answer back to any comments you see.    If you’re shy and don’t want to put your comments here, email me your stories at laughingtravelgods@gmail.com, and I’ll be sure to mask your identity.  Promise.

If you have ideas for an article or stories, let me know – I’ll write about as many stories as I can.

Want to be a guest blogger?  Let me know and we’ll talk.

May the Travel Gods be with you.

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