For those of you who have taken a Flat Stanley on a trip for a child, relative or friend, you will know how much fun it is.  It gives you the opportunity to see through the eyes of a 7 or 8 year old child – a fresh look that is very appealing

A few years ago, my nephew asked me to carry a Flat Stanley on a business trip to Asia.   I was thrilled.   Flat Harald visited 5 countries in 7 days and my nephew was able to put a lot of pins in their world map as a result.  The teachers used the diary format I did to teach the kids about each country – one each day.

I’m posting the diary I wrote for Harald to share with his class.   I tried to include some information about each country that could be absorbed and understood by a 7 year old in the write-up.  I hope by posting this, it will give my readers an idea of what they can do in a similar situation.

So many children are raised not knowing we share the world with fascinating cultures and people that are very different from us.  I salute the efforts of teachers to use the Flat Stanley to bring the wonder of the world to their students.  It was a joy to share a region of the world that I love with my nephew’s class.

Please consider doing the same on your next trip.  You won’t regret it!

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