March 14

We had a car to take us to the airport at 6:30 in the morning so we would be in time for our 9:00am flight to Hong Kong – the first leg of our 22 hour trip home.  It was raining very hard that morning, but the clouds broke enough for us to see a very pretty sunrise.   The clouds were bright red and pink in some places, and you could actually see the rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds and streaking to the ground.   The driver pointed out all kinds of interesting landmarks for us on the drive to the airport because he said he wanted to practice his English.

We’re flying Cathay Pacific Airlines all the way home.   After a 5 hour flight from Kuala Lumpur to Hong Kong, we had 4 hours to walk around the Hong Kong airport and see all the sights.  This is Aunt Colleen’s favorite airport because she says there is always something fun going on.   This time they were promoting a huge Pan-Asian Rugby tournament in a few weeks called The Sevens.   Rugby is a game that is a little like our football, but without all the pads and helmets.

We saw a demonstration of some of the rugby moves by a teenage rugby team from Hong Kong, and watched a short movie about the tournament on the largest TV screen I had ever seen – all right in the middle of the airport!  They would never do that in LAX.  Aunt Colleen bought me a  Sevens rugby shirt.

My new rugby shirt and snack in the Hong Kong Airport lounge

We then walked what seemed to be about a mile to get to the airline lounge.  It was like going through a shopping mall where the views were all of the noses of big airplanes.   There were so many people that you had to push your way through at times.

Ah – finally made it.  Now it’s time for a snack.  Juice and some cheese and crackers taste very good after all that walking.  We read a book for a while until it was time to go to our gate for the 13 hour flight back to San Francisco.   After dinner, we extended the seat into a bed and went to sleep until they woke us up for breakfast before landing.  We flew northeast from Hong Kong, past Taiwan and Japan, and then under the Aleutian Islands of Alaska before dropping down past Washington and Oregon to get to San Francisco.  Where it was raining…

I can’t believe we visited 4 countries (5 if you count Hong Kong) in 7 days.  On one day, we were in three different countries!   We only saw the sun for two days the whole trip. We spent a total of 40 hours on airplanes, ate 8 airplane meals, and heard dozens of different languages spoken around us.  We traveled by plane, car, van, train, monorail and boat.

It was a wonderful adventure, indeed.   The best part is being able to come home and tell my friends and teachers at St. Matthews all about it.

 See you soon!

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