Did I say where we’re going?   We’re taking a two hour Malaysian Airlines flight to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia.  Malaysia is the country just south of Thailand.  It’s composed of two major land masses, and a whole lot of very beautiful islands.   As we approach the airport, we see miles and miles of plantations of palm trees, and rubber trees – together the products made from them make up two of Malaysia’s most important exports.  I think they’re so pretty with their different shades of green.

It’s raining here too, but that’s OK since it makes it cooler.  It can be even hotter here than Bangkok, Aunt Colleen says.   On the drive into the city, the rain was so heavy that the driver had to pull over and wait for it to clear up.  The thunder was loud, and the lightning was very pretty to watch.   Soon it was over, and we were able to drive again.   Now the sun is peeking out and I see a double rainbow!

We finally reach the hotel.  The room we got was very nice.  We had a view of the famous PETRONAS Towers from the windows in the bedroom, living room, and even from the bathtub!   Until a few years ago, these were the tallest buildings in the world.   The towers are very beautifully made, and they are connected by an airy bridge half way up.  PETRONAS is the national oil company of Malaysia, and the towers are very famous.

The PETRONAS towers in Kuala Lumpur

The sun was going down now, the rain has stopped, and the towers were just starting to light up.   Here is a picture of me in front of the window in our hotel room.   Check out those towers!

On the way to dinner in the taxi, I noticed that many of the ladies we saw were wearing long dresses with loose tunics over them, and a very pretty scarf around their heads that only left their faces and hands uncovered.  It was very exotic, and colorful.  Aunt Colleen told me that this is the traditional dress of the women of Malaysia, and it is cool and comfortable in the year-round heat.  The reason they wear long dresses and the pretty head covering is because most of the Malaysian people belong to the religion of Islam, and this is their customary dress.  Aunt Colleen always wears very modest clothing when in Malaysia as a sign of respect.   The men here wear small hats when outside, and instead of suits, they wear a colorfully printed shirt worn loose over their trousers.  Aunt Colleen said that the pattern is called Batik, and it is a special craft of both Malaysia and Indonesia, the country just south of us.   I want a shirt like that too someday.

We had a very nice dinner in the evening at what Aunt Colleen said is her favorite restaurant in Kuala Lumpur.  The night was so nice we ate outside on the patio. Malaysian food is very different, but I like it.  They don’t have as much spicy food as in Thailand.  That’s good, because I don’t like spicy stuff.  Their desserts I like even better – they make a very good chocolate and coconut ice cream that was better than anything I had in Thailand.  On the taxi ride to the hotel, I got to see the PETRONAS Tower with all the lights on.  It’s so pretty!

We’re now very tired.  It’s been a long week, and we have one more very busy day before we fly home from our splendid adventure.   After a nice bath, it’s time for bed.   Aunt Colleen leaves the curtains open so we can see the lights on the towers while we fall asleep.

March 13

We wake up early for a breakfast meeting with Scott.  It’s raining again, and the clouds are down so low that they cover half of the PETRONAS Towers.  Oooh – lightning and thunder.  This is so cool.   There is a very big van waiting to take us to the offices of BERNAMA, the national news agency of Malaysia, where we will be spending the day.

Today wasn’t just boring meetings.  We got to have a tour of their offices, and we saw their television studio.  They were taping a news program that was in Bhasa Malay, Chinese and English – all are official languages in Malaysia.   We got to meet the news anchors, but I really liked checking out the cameras and equipment much better.

Scott is leaving tonight for his home in New York City, so after dinner we said goodbye and watched his taxi leave.  It had stopped raining, and was a very nice night.  Aunt Colleen and I went up to the pool level, and took a swim and watched the stars for a while.   There was a small band playing.  It was a nice end to our trip.

Now we are going to go up to our room to pack our suitcase for the very long trip home tomorrow.  Michael leaves tomorrow too, but he just has to fly to Sydney, Australia.   It’s a much shorter trip than we will have, so he’s leaving later.  We say goodbye to him too.

Time for bed!  I love looking at those towers.  They’re very pretty with all the lights.

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