Now we’re on the Japan Airlines flight to Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan.  It takes us 4 hours to get there, and we are having breakfast on the plane.  I’m not sure what it was since it was all very traditional Japanese food, but we ate most of it anyway – at least the stuff we could identify.


Wow – now we’re in Taiwan!  It’s an island off the coast of China, and everyone speaks Mandarin here.   Fortunately, Aunt Colleen is here a lot, and one of her business friends picked us up at the airport in a big black limousine and took us to the Palace Hotel for our afternoon meetings and a late lunch.  It’s not as cold here as in Japan, but it’s still raining.


Taipei is a very crowded, dirty city.   It also smells funny.  There are lots of tall buildings, and everyone likes to hang their laundry out their windows.  It’s very colorful, and I’ve never seen anything like that before.   All the signs are in Chinese, and they love the colors of red and yellow.  There is a lot of traffic, and some very funny-looking tiny cars.


The hotel is very beautiful.  There are lovely pieces of Chinese art here.  There is a really cool ship hand carved entirely of precious jade that I really liked.   It was so neat that Michael took two pictures of me in front of it.   Check out the detail!  And the size of the ship!  Wow.

Flat Harald in front of the jade ship

That ship is huge!

After a nice lunch at the hotel, it’s back to the Taipei airport to take an evening flight to the next country.   The ride back to the airport was fun – it was getting dark, and the buildings all had their lights on.  It was a pretty sight.

I took a little nap in the airline lounge in Taipei because I was so tired.  Now I know why they call it jet lag.  Right now it’s 6:00 in the evening here in Taiwan, but it’s 3 in the morning at home in California.  Wow – no wonder I’m tired!

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