One of the best ways to foil the Travel Gods is to be prepared.  Nothing causes such loud screams of anguish from Valhalla as when you’ve foiled their best shot at ruining your trip.   Getting the better of these malicious deities and emerging from customs with your bags intact and a smile on your face is one of the best feelings of accomplishment there is for a frequent (or wannabe-frequent) traveler.

In this section, I’ll be posting tips on various topics in the hopes that they’ll help someone else have a better travel experience.  Believe me, each tip is the result of a screw-up by me at some point – I started traveling pre-internet, and would have loved a site like this to help me avoid common pitfalls.

I know I’m always learning new and better ways to do things with each trip I take.   If you have something to add, please do so.

Happy travels!

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